What Up?

Hey There You...

So here's a little bit about us:


Lead Design Manager at Truett McConnell University
Professional Graphic Designer
Part-Time Photographer
Wants to make a video game one day
Enjoys Hawaiian hot dogs and Oreos
Dabbles in concept art

Merri Lynn:

Website/ Social Media Manager  at The Outpost at TMU
Part- Time Photographer
Part-Time Crafter
Amateur Baker
Watches entirely too much television
Writer of unpublished children's stories

Adam and Merri Lynn are a husband wife team who can't decide on just one thing to do. They don't take themselves too seriously, so they don't expect anyone else to either. Merri Lynn's passion is writing and baking, but she is pretty enamored with her new-found, constantly developing, photography skills. Adam's passion has always been graphic design, or artistic endevours in general, but he steps into the spot of second photographer for Merri Lynn on the big projects.  

Their main focus is to ensure that the people who come to them, for whatever reason, leave happy with the product The Roark Co. has provided, and they will endeavor to do whatever it takes to make sure that happens.