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Sarah & Eric - Our First Wedding

To say we were nervous to shoot our first wedding would be an understatement. Well, I was nervous. Adam was his usual "we got this" self (something that I definitely need in my life). We had gotten our feet wet in the field of photography with several engagement and bridal shower shoots, but never anything as big or important as a wedding. So as the day dawned and we left our house, armed with cameras, snacks, and my list of every possible shot and place to take said shot (because apparently I become a list maker when it really counts), we looked forward to whatever came out of our first wedding shoot. 

One thing we did know for certain was that the bride and groom were (and still are) amazing people. Eric and Sarah were cool enough to put their faith in us and be our first wedding. I can honestly say I have never been around a more laid back bride and groom. Even when things got really stressed and crazy they took deep breaths and kept going, knowing that something was going to happen. Sarah, being a gorgeous person, of course made an amazing bride, and she and Eric together were a dream to photograph. Knowing our style of capturing the moments in between the poses they went with us on walks down lanes and stood around in bamboo, which resulted in us capturing some beautiful moments between a couple that is clearly enamored with each other. 

In the end we were exhausted but confident that we came away with some good material. We were also certain that we would be able to continue on in this new adventure, for however long it may last.

-Merri Lynn

Merri Lynn Roark