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Ben & Mallory -

We first met Ben at Dairy Queen while a close friend was getting us acclimated with our new work environment (go Bears!) He's one of those people who instantly grabs the attention of whoever he's with. It's not just good looks (although both of them are beautiful people) Ben is funny and easy to get along with. So when I was sequestered into a secret meeting by our Director of Student Services and Ben, I wasn't sure what to expect. It turns out that the ulterior motive to having me fly out to Haiti wasn't just to get some pics and video of the trip. Ben planned on proposing to Mallory (I had yet to meet her at this point in time) while we were at the orphanage. Actually there was a lot of back and forth about the beach or the orphanage, but you'll see what he decided on.

We unloaded ourselves from the tap tap into the small orphanage that our school had proudly provided a fence for in the previous year. Little ones rushed to hug the familiar faces while our guide Roland spoke with the matron of the orphanage. We'd brought a bare-bones crew of people, with the explanation that we were going to interview couples (we brought along another recently engaged couple) about the impact that our annual pilgrimage to Haiti had on their lives. This tells the story better than I can:


We've since shot their engagement photos and picked up a couple of wonderful friends. They're both blessed with easy-going and fun personalities that make photo shoots seem more like just hanging out. We've been honored to be involved in so many big parts of their lives, and we wish them the best all the rest of them. 

Congratulations to the both of you! 


Adam Roark